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Color and materials move you through the space.

Artful Architecture is not just about the Building’s Exterior

Many times, when people are asked to imagine a beautiful building, they picture a familiar building exterior that they’ve seen or know of, maybe the Sydney Opera House, maybe Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright. To most, a building’s beauty involves picturing the building (or home) from a distance, gazing upon it, and admiring the building’s “insert term here” (symmetry, colors, movement, etc.) of the building shape.

Instead, I thought it might be good to shed some light on the often overlooked (and under-designed) building element; the interior spaces and the movement from space to space.

The image above is a great example of an interior space that has character, color, and movement for the building occupant.  This image below is a good example of just the opposite.

Bare interior.

Bare interior.

Interior spaces, and the movement of one space to another inside of a building, are the way that an Architect can create an experience for the building’s occupier. This experience can be either positive or negative, depending on the Architect’s talents. If done in a wonderful, unique, and successful way, this interior space can very easily be termed Art, just as the Building’s exterior form can be termed Art from a more sculptural aspect.

But to design this interior beauty properly, the Architect must pay careful attention to how the spaces work with each other. The function of the building must not be interfered with as the interior spatial beauty is designed. Instead, the volumes of the spaces, the way you enter and exit each space, and the details of the materials and colors should all be carefully considered so that the end result causes the building inhabitants to feel the emotional response that the architect was going for.

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