APEX Architecture, PC, based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is a full service Architectural Design firm that specializes in the design and planning of churches, pk-12 schools, and single family homes.
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Church Designing is about more than just the Sanctuary space

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not writing this post to suggest in any way that the Sanctuary isn’t the most important, and dominant, space in a church building.  It is crucial to have this space to worship together as a church.  Instead, I want to bring up a more overlooked part of typical church designing.  Spaces for small groups to gather. While many people come to church for the worship music, prayer, sermons, baptisms, communion, and everything else that makes up...

Small churches can adapt easier to better reach their surrounding communities

There was a great article in Outreach Magazine a few months ago, touching on how small churches are still very relevant and important in a country that has its fastest church growth in large, or mega-churches.  If you are part of a small church, trying to look to the future of your church, or part of a new church plant, wondering if you can grow a new church and be successful in your community, this is for you. One thing smaller...